Always Be True To Myself – Journal Exercise

For many of us this is actually a lofty idea, “Always Be True To Myself” implies that I know myself well enough to be true to myself. Before we can be true to our self we need to know what we believe in, the principles for which we stand, what we value, what we really desire. In order to live a life of peace and happiness, to feel grounded and secure in our world, being true to our self is a key component.

Since this will possibly take some self reflection and deep diving into beliefs, desires, thoughts and such, I am suggesting using this as a journal exercise. Isn’t now a good time to do some self reflection on what you really believe in and value?

Getting Started

Put one of the following questions at the top of your journal page and just start to write.

  • What are the ideals that are important to me?
  • What values do I want to live?
  • What does being true to myself even mean to me?
  • What obstacles and challenges get in the way of being true to myself?
  • Am I willing to be brutally honest with myself and accept all of me?

Begin to identify the values and principles that resonate with the way you see the world and the way you see yourself being in the world. When you become truly honest with yourself you start to see if you are living in alignment with those things you say matter to you. Getting honest and embracing all the parts of you is where you start to uncover and accept the authentic self. The willingness to embrace all of you invites the opportunity for living a more aligned way of being.

As you commit to staying true to your self on a daily basis, it is important to check in and note the areas where you are being your true self and the places you might need to improve.

How Do I Know I Am Being True To Myself

A few measures of whether or not you are being true to yourself include:

You are willing to speak your truth without worrying about how others are going to receive it.

You start to let go of people pleasing, speaking up for your preferences. You may not always get your way but at least you spoke up.

Doing what makes you happy without a need for acknowledgment or validation.

Being okay with the knowledge that not everyone will like you.

Feeling truly comfortable in your own skin.

More Ways To Get In Touch With Your True Self

1. Start with the journal exercise above, just free flow and see what comes up when you ask yourself what you believe in.

2. Try sitting in meditation and asking yourself what makes you happy, what brings you joy.

3. Mindfulness practices, taking the time to check in daily and see how you are feeling, emotionally and physically.

4. You no longer feel the need to compare yourself to others, you do what feels right for you.

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t given a lot of thought to what you value, what truly matters to you, it might be helpful to find a values exercise online to kick start your thoughts about values. Some ideas might be family, financial success, serving others, compassion, independence, it comes down to what matters most to you and makes life worth living.

Start to listen to the inner voice that wants you to choose you. Yes that feels right, or no not today and trust in that voice.

Becoming aware of the difference in the voice you are tuning into, if it is a yes it will feel light and good. If there a lot of self judgment, it could be the inner critic talking at you? Give yourself permission to let the judgment go, rather than giving your power to the inner critic telling you what you “should” do. In a sense it is about becoming more in touch with the intuitive side of yourself, what feels right rather than what you think is right.

When you are being true to yourself you will feel more in alignment, your mood will be more regulated, the stress you carry in your body will be less, and you will be engaging in activities that fill your spirit. So stop and check in once in awhile, either by being present in the moment or stopping and doing some self reflection in your journal. Like many things in life, learning to be true to yourself is a bit of a process, especially if you have been busy trying to make sure everyone around you is happy.

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