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Right now is an uncertain time. Because there is so much talk about a recession possibly even a depression I wanted to give you a link to a resource that I have found useful.  If you haven’t taken a look at your financial health lately maybe it is a good time to evaluate where you are and see where you have some power.

Here is a link to Consumer Credit Counseling Services (CCCS).

Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS)

It is a non-profit site and there is a lot of great information on budgeting and educational resources on financial assistance, bankruptcy, and foreclosure.

I am not saying The Sky Is Falling, however I am watching the news and I know a lot of people are worried right now. I am hoping that this site may give you some insight or resources you weren’t aware of.

My intention with Financial Health was to write about positive aspects, Law of Attraction, Tapping Into Wealth types of posts. I still want to do that. I am hopeful that this is just a transitional time in our society and we come out stronger on the other side.

Peace and Joy to you on your journey!


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