So Many Shiny Objects

I am a self proclaimed seminar junkie. I absolutely love attending trainings and learning information about healing strategies. I think there are some amazing alternative therapies out there and want to learn all that I can to give my clients as many healing options as possible.

As a therapist many of my clients come in to see me and are interested in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and more recently Mindfulness Practices as well as a few other traditional therapeutic techniques. I use them and think there is a tremendous amount of value in many of the typical approaches. One of the problems I run across is that clients aren’t always great on the follow through and like to come in and really focus more on problem talk than solution talk. My hope is by introducing people to different modalities at least one will peak there interest enough so that they will follow through.

One of the problems is that sometimes it just becomes too much. There are so many processes out there and it’s easy to jump from one to the next and not really become proficient at any of them. Fortunately with some of them you don’t need to be proficient you just need to use them. I hope to introduce you to many different therapeutic modalities and hopefully even if you just check them about and play with them a bit you will get some relief and develop the interest to go  a little deeper.

Many of us, myself included end up self sabotaging our attempts at getting better. This is where the Shiny Object Syndrome can take over, jumping from one modality to the next when we don’t get immediate relief for instance can absolutely be a form of self sabotage. My feelings are that we do this because we have learned that taking care of ourself is something that we need to fit in rather than make a priority in our life. I have found that many of the energy psychology techniques are targeted at changing some of the negative or limiting beliefs that are stopping us from really living our life. I have shared a lot of these techniques with clients, have become trained in several of them and now want to really share them with a larger audience. That is the reason for this website. Many of the strategies and tools I have learned have had a huge impact on my life and that of my clients. I intend to share some thoughts about these strategies, some links, and some practices that you can start to use today. So stay tuned.

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