What Is PSTEC? – Does it really work?

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I am always on the lookout for new healing therapies. I love Emotional Freedom Techniques and it is the modality that put me on the path towards more holistic alternative therapies, but not everyone is interested in it. I have also found that not all of my clients feel relief after tapping. Granted there could be issues with tapping on the right thing, being specific enough, but if someone doesn’t want to trouble shoot it or doesn’t feel comfortable with the way it looks, feels, etc… I want to give them other options.

Not too long ago when I saw an e-mail in my inbox from PSTEC I looked back and noticed that I had actually been receiving e-mails from PSTEC for years and never bothered to open them. (Too many e-mails, we won’t go there). This time however I decided to check it out and I was really glad that I did.

PSTEC stands for Percussive Suggestion Technique. It was developed by Tim Phizackerley who was a computer analyst turned hypnotist and hypnotherapist. He developed PSTEC for personal reasons and now uses it in his work with eating disorders as well as other issues. He has studied in depth how the subconscious mind works and has put that knowledge into the creation of PSTEC. It is a quick method for neutralizing negative emotions. I have used it on addictive urges, anger issues, and anxiety with current clients and have been getting some great results.

So What Is It?

The Basic and free PSTEC method is an 11-minute audio track that includes clicks and tones that you listen to while you are focused on the issue you want to resolve and at the same time tapping with your fingers. The audio tracks called click tracks incorporate the use of pattern interrupt, anchors or conditioned responses, and suggestion. To me it feels a bit like going into hypnosis but Tim is clear in pointing out that it isn’t hypnosis. It is also not an energy therapy.

I love PSTEC because it is fast and effective and it fits so well with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or any modality really. It can be the main tool or you can use it in conjunction with other methods you are using. They both work on neutralizing negative emotions around painful memories. They actually do a lot more than that. On the website Tim suggests that you use PSTEC on the following

1. Stress

2. Anxiety

3. Relationship issues

4. Anger and resentment

5. Depression

6. Confidence

7. Unresolved grief

8. Post Traumatic Stress

9. Phobias

10. Nightmares

11. Panic attacks

12. Consequences of abuse

13. Obsessions

14. Behavioral Addictions

15. Compulsions

16. Self Hatred

17. Low self esteem

18. Jealousy and guilt

19. Work or health related anxieties

If you want the technical reasoning and how it works that is available on the website, PSTEC.org.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

The basic free tracks are the place to start and you can use them to release negative emotions and memories, and just to get the experience of using the tracks to see what results you get. Tim started with the simple Click Tracks and has built on the system. He has created PSTEC Level 1 which has longer tracks and can be helpful so you don’t get to familiar with the tracks if you are using them frequently. Tim refers to PSTEC as an eraser for the mind, it will turn down or switch off negative emotions. Once the negative emotions are gone you can also use it to implant positive statements and beliefs.

Another way to use PSTEC is for imagined fears and outcomes. If you are focused on something frequently enough and with intensity it can certainly be problematic. The brain believes it is real, this is why visualization is so powerful, when you are focused on something positive, when the focus is on worst case scenario, not so helpful. You can use PSTEC to erase imagined outcomes, negative beliefs, and then again use PSTEC Positive to implant better beliefs.

With any new process it may take several attempts to really notice results. It also may take several rounds to remove the emotion out of something that has been around for years. The number of memories you have, the length of time you have had a problem, the amount of time you spend obsessing about it, talking about it, the experiences that you have regarding an issue all affect the amount of time it could take to really release an issue. So if it is something simple a round or two might do it, if it has been 40 years you might need to spend several sessions working on it.

Does It Really Work?

My experience is that it absolutely works. I would suggests that you start with something that is a smaller problem rather than taking on your biggest issue first. Get a sense of how to work with it. Read the reviews, go to the forum, listen to some of the free webinars. Not only is the PSTEC process helpful but there is also a lot of great information on how our subconscious mind works.

I have had great success with letting go of negative emotions and with addictions, and to be honest I have had some clients not have much success with it. It doesn’t hurt to try, the basic process is a free download, and the worst case scenario is that you spend 15 minutes of your life on something that did not give you the result you were hoping for. I do want to stress that you don’t take on your biggest trauma on your first try, and that you listen to all the instructions before you just jump in.

Other Cool Stuff

So once you have had an experience with PSTEC Basic and found that it works for you, it might be time to see what else can help you become the best you possible. I’ve mentioned a few of the following but if you click on them they will take you to the page on Tim’s site where you can really check them out and read other’s experiences.

Because PSTEC can be so life changing I suggest you bookmark this page so you can find it again.

PSTEC Level 1 – mp3 download

Cancer: FREE PSTEC Special

The PSTEC Accelerators – mp3 download

How to Achieve Almost Anything – The Easy Way

PSTEC Stop Smoking – Self Help

PSTEC Stop Smoking – For Therapists

PSTEC Weight Loss “Power Upgrade”

PSTEC Cascade Release – For Therapists

Advanced PSTEC™ For therapists.


PSTEC™ has been described as being “possibly the fastest and most efficient neutralizer of problem emotions ever created”. Avoid suffering a torrent of unwanted emotion by using PSTEC to switch off emotional problems.

Just download, play, listen and follow the instructions with the basic system. You can use this for almost anything. PSTEC is designed to help you be happier and more successful. Remove your emotional blocks. Change old ways of thinking. Embed new levels of success and create better reactions. Get rid of problems and escape your emotional baggage. Be set free to enjoy life.








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2 thoughts on “What Is PSTEC? – Does it really work?”

  1. I think the biggest struggle when doing PSTEC is that it cuts straight to the issue and I think over 90% of people can’t handle the change. Their subconscious starts fighting back and creates such a big resistance that its really hard to keep going until getting great results for most of the people.
    Proper strategy, small steps needed…

    I recommended it to many friends, but not a single one was able to stick with it and get rid of their issues.
    For me PSTEC is life changing, new life giving :). I never came across anything better.

    • Francis, thanks for the comment. I really love PSTEC as well and use it when I need a shift in the moment especially, and also for some of the past issues that resurface. I think for a lot of people the problem is not using the method consistently and long enough. If you feel overwhelmed by what’s coming up, sometimes the worst thing you can do is stop, run the tracks again until you feel calm and the sense of overwhelm passes. I find it is the same with many of the alternative therapies, if it doesn’t work people will move onto the next thing. If someone is willing to stay with it for even 7 days they can see tremendous change, and it is so easy to do that with the free tracks. It might also be helpful for people to read some of the posts on the PSTEC site to see how others are getting results, to see strategies and ways to move slowly as you suggest.


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