Coaching & Energy Healing Sessions

EFT is a mind/body acupressure technique and when used for pain or phobias can often be successful in one session Some issues depending on the length of time you have had the problem or the severity of the issue may take several sessions.


PSTEC is a technique that incorporated Pattern Interrupts, Suggestion, and Anchors to neutralize emotions from past events or even imagined future events.  It can be helpful with depression, phobias, anxiety, traumas, weight loss and addictive behaviors.

EFT or PSTEC session rates are as follows:

1 hour $125
1 ½ hour $175
2 hours $225

Access Bars         1 hour    $100           1 1/2 hour   $140

Reiki                     1 hour   $85




Coaching is more effective when there is a commitment to stick with it, therefore I only sell coaching packages. You can utilize the sessions however you want. I incorporate my healing work in coaching and will usually include EFT in a session, you can use the sessions solely for coaching and EFT or an energy healing session using Reiki or Bars (if local).

If you are at a transitional point in your life having additional support, someone to check in with can make all the difference.  Life Coaching creates the space to have conversations that allow you to identify the blocks and beliefs that get in the way of successful change.


Coaching             6 sessions  1 to 1 1/2 hours each $800

Coaching Package – 3 months – 10 sessions 1 to 1 1/2 hours each is $1000


If you don’t have time to come into my office and prefer virtual coaching I offer an e-coaching program that includes mostly e-mail coaching, I will usually do a 5 minute weekly check in call but you can determine how to use my time that best suits your schedule. I send coaching exercises via e-mail and you complete and return for feedback.


E-Coaching package –  3 months – Up to 8 hours of my time (Includes up to 12 – 15 minute laser coaching or accountability check in calls) $525


Coaching and EFT Sessions Provided For:


Addictive Behaviors
Healthy Lifestyle
Personal Growth
Weight Release
Life Transition
Creating Abundance


Coaching/EFT sessions can be done in person, on the phone, or via Skype