Does Your Environment Affect Your Mood?

To me it seems like it should be common sense that our outer world affects our inner world. Just think about it, if your home is filled with clutter, is dark, too cold, too hot, too loud, smells funny, this can all create stress. The truth is we get used to things as our normal and often don’t give those things going on in our environment a second thought.

Well I am here to tell you that they matter. It’s not just the things we can see but it is also the chemicals we use in our home, things like pesticides, cleaning products, food additives. These can all have an impact on our mental and emotional well-being. It is said that our outer world is a reflection of our inner state. If your environment is chaotic it is not likely that you feel calm and serene inside. Some of what is going on in our environment we really don’t have control over so it’s important to look at where you might have some control.

Studies show that rooms that have a lot of light and are pleasantly decorated enhance mood. A messy room can cause lack of motivation and can also impact your desire to interact or invite over friends, both creating feelings of isolation and self-criticism. Clean up and get rid of the clutter, donate items you no longer use. If you feel a sense of anxiety about getting rid of things, maybe reach out and get help.

Toxic chemicals and cleaning products affect our energy level, go for some of the more natural products that are also environmentally friendly or make your own, there are tons of You Tube videos or instagram posts on making not only cleaning products but health and beauty products. That will also add to creative outlets in your life which can further enhance your mood.

So stop and take a look around your environment, can you start to clean up the clutter, maybe add some color, open the shades, diffuse essential oils, play some calming music. What’s in your refrigerator and food pantry, if you are eating a lot of processed foods start to add some more plant based whole food options. Be mindful of the temperature and noise levels.  Start to think about the things in your outer world and where you can make some small changes, it can really make a difference in your inner world. What does your outer world say about you?

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