Inverse Paranoia

This morning I was reading my Tapping Into Ultimate Success  by Jack Canfield and Pamela Bruner (a  great read by the way, and I hope to put it into my products page when I get it up) and ran across the term Inverse Paranoia. Unlike paranoia which means everyone is out to get you, inverse paranoia means that the Universe is conspiring in your favor. How would you live your life if you believed that everything was unfolding just as it was meant to, in the exact right time, for your highest good? I love this idea. And what if every time something happened that you had a negative response to, you asked how is this serving me? How might this be a contribution to my life, or what do I need to learn from this situation? Do you think that it might be easier to start to let things go?

So maybe on those days when it feels like everyone is out to get you or nothing is going right you take 5 minutes and use EFT to Tap on being open to the possibility that you could learn something from this situation. It might not be clear in the moment what you will gain from this but it will definitely bring more ease to your life if you switch from thinking nothing is going right to maybe there is something good here that I just don’t see right now.

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