Mindfulness For Healing

Mindfulness seems to be a new buzz word, with good reason. We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with  information coming at us from all directions, and if we aren’t multitasking it doesn’t quite feel like we are getting enough done.

So what is Mindfulness?  Quite simply it is present moment awareness,Mindfulness Image being right here, right now, fully aware of your experience. What are you noticing, what do you see, smell, taste, touch, feel.

Being in the here and now is a great way to lessen feelings of overwhelm. So try it, just stop whatever you are doing and notice your environment, notice what you are feeling in your body, what are you thinking, and breathe. Just a minute or two of being mindful can help you feel more relaxed, give it a try. Also check out the tab on Mindfulness for exercises on how to be more mindful throughout the day.

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